A production of bauderfilm in coproduction with Kulturprojekte Berlin, WHITEvoid and OPTIX, Director: Marc Bauder /  © bauderfilm /Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH

November 9, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. On this day the world’s eyes will look at Berlin once again.

A symbolic frontier of lights, the LICHTGRENZE consisting of thousands illuminated balloons to be lit throughout the weekend of November 9th, will be the festive highlight of the numerous events that are scheduled in Berlin throughout this year. Situated right in the heart of the city this unique and arresting light installation will trace a circa 15 km long segment of the former course of the wall that once separated Berlin in two. The light installation is based on an idea by Christopher Bauder and Marc Bauder.

Berliners and visitors are invited to take a stroll along the LICHTGRENZE. The LICHTGRENZE is highly evocative of the magnitude of the Berlin Wall, the historical significance of its fall and the joy that came with the happy ending of the division.
The 'frontier of lights' will create unique images on streets, squares and bridges, along paths and housing walls, that—formerly separated—now set the tone after 25 years: a tone that is creative, exciting, future oriented and international.

A number of events and projects refer to the anniversary of ‘25 year Fall of the Wall’ in Berlin this year and promote the overall cause with guided tours, bicycle tours, exhibits, movies, oral history, and much more.

The topics covered this Fall will range from the remembrance of the Peaceful Revolution in 1989 and the Fall of the Wall to the significance of November 9th as a ‘symbol of hope for a world without walls’.