Center for Sexual Health and Family Planning Berlin-Mitte

Beratungsstelle für sexuelle Gesundheit (STI / HIV)

sexual health counseling office (sti/hiv)

(*STI = Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Location: Tiergarten/Mitte

important messages:

From 27th March 2017 no medical consultations (STI) take place. HIV tests will be done on Tuesdays only with appointment.

Consultation hours:

  • Consultations:

  • monday

    12 – 3pm

  • tuesday

    3 – 6pm

  • thursday

    3 – 6pm

  • friday

    9am – 12pm

  • Clients without appointment are requested to be there half an hour before the end of our consultation times at the latest

  • HIV-counseling and testing during
    consultation hours at tuesday and friday but only with previous appointment by telephone!

  • Latest informations:

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Our team includes:

doctors, nurses, social workers,
administrative employees and translators for those who speak Thai and Bulgarian.
All personal and medical information is always kept confidential; we are bound to medical discretion and privacy protection !

We offer – free of charge, no health insurance certificate needed -

  • anonymous counselling concerning sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS
  • diagnosis and treatment services provided by STI experts

HIV-testing with counselling

  • anonymous HIV-antibody-test with counselling
  • an appointment by telephone must be made in advance
  • costs 10 Euro, the test may be free of charge if you cannot afford it

You should get examinated if…

  • you have discharge from urethra and/or vagina
  • you have trouble or pain when urinating (itching, burning)
  • you have itching in the genital area or in the vagina
  • you have pain in the lower abdomen
  • you have a skin rash
  • even if these symptoms disappear by themselves
  • a condom broke

We offer information and counceling concerning

  • safer sex
  • questions and fears concerning STI and AIDS
  • condoms (and how to properly use them)
  • health-oriented questions with native Thai and Bulgarian speakers
  • crisis situations
  • we refer to local government offices and other facilities/organizations, if necessary.

Dear clients,

please notice our different attitude in medical practice compared to your english/american/canadian or our other european health services:

– we don´t offer general check up´s for all sexual transmitted deseases at once

– we try to find out after a long and individual counselling talk of 20-30 minutes your personal risk for one or more infections after unprotected sexual contact.

This is completely different than to what you are used in your homecountries

We are a counselling department for sexual transmitted deases, HIV and family planning of the public health department of Berlin with a multiprofessional team of medical sisters, doctors and social workers.

Please notice in this context the Hepatitis A infection break out especially if you are guest in Berghain and Kit Kat Club

!!!!!please vaccinate yourself against it !!!