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There are five permanent Bürgerämter (or citizens' bureaus) in Lichtenberg, and many more around the rest of Berlin. Please download a copy of one of the flyers given below for more information on the services these centres offer. The flyers are available in many different languages for your convenience.

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Addresses of the Lichtenberg citizens' bureaus (Bürgerämter)

Bureau 1 - Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Str. 106, 13059 Berlin city map

Bureau 2 - Möllendorffstr. 5, 10367 Berlin, city map

Bureau 3 - Otto-Schmirgal-Str. 1, 10319 Berlin, city map

Bureau 4 - Große-Leege-Str. 103, 13055 Berlin, city map

If you wish to obtain documents, forms or statistical data, please use the links below. Unfortunately, these are not available in English.

The Mobile citizens' bureaus (Bürgeramt)

After the success of the city-wide project "Mobile Government", the district council of Lichtenberg have created a new scheme called "Mobiles Bürgeramt".

The motto "Das Amt kommt zum Bürger" - the bureau comes to the people - has become a reality and makes for a more citizen-oriented approach to the district administration.

The mobile Bürgeramt offers all the services of the five "stationary" bureaus and can be found in various locations in the borough. These stop points will include shopping centres, cultural establishments, old people's homes, hospitals, schools and other such institutions.

Current Stop Points
The mobile Bürgeramt will be at the following locations.

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Bürgertelefon 115

Telefonnummer 115
Ihr zentraler Zugang zur Verwaltung

Telefon: (030) 115

Montag - Freitag von
07:00 bis 18:00 Uhr


Bezirksamt Lichtenberg
von Berlin
10360 Berlin

030 90296-0
Zentrales Telefax
030 90296-3509
61 00 66

Zentrale E-Mail

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Online Terminservice

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Die Service-App(Externer Link) ist der komfortable und mobile Zugriff auf Informationen zu Dienstleistungen und Standorten aus allen Bereichen der Berliner Verwaltung. Die App können Sie kostenlos für die Betriebssysteme iOS und Android herunterladen.


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