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City of Diversity

August 25th - October 28th 2012

Schlossplatz mit Menschen
Here you find the review of the Open-air exhibition on 800 years of immigration history in Berlin with its huge, walkable city map of Berlin, that took place from August 25th until October 28th on the Schlossplatz

The book on the exhibition will be on sale here shortly.

Exhibition on Schlossplatz, Berlin Mitte

Berlin, as a city of immigration, is also a city of diversity. For centuries, its growth and dynamism have been founded on the impetus provided by migration, migrants and migrant cultures. A central open-air exhibition on Schlossplatz in Berlin Mitte will bring the (his)stories of migrants to a wider public – a highlight in the run-up to the city’s anniversary.
Here, where the Humboldt Forum would arise in future, visitors will be able to explore in mobile exhibition units around a huge walkable city map up to ten current and historic topics concerning the immigrant society: culinary, artistic, literary, musical, political, religious, educational, sporting, economic and scientific diversity.

Brief biographies and narrative portraits are planned to form part of the exhibition and will be linked to specific sites on the huge city map. Migration and its history will thus be manifested as an essential part of the city’s history and the city itself will be experienced as the shared achievement of Berliners old and new.
Schlossplatz nachts q

Thus Berlin is celebrating its birthday with the many who came here to stay. Huguenots, Bohemians, Polish migrant workers, Jews from Eastern Europe, workers from southern Europe, war refugees, contract workers, Aussiedler (ethnic German immigrants) and, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a young global artistic and cultural elite, have moved and are moving to Berlin. The city’s map is growing slowly outwards from within. All Berliners and their guests are cordially invited to follow Berlin‘s historic growth process here.

Examples from the exhibition


The world-famous barrel organs of the Bacigalupo family... more »


The oldest state school in Berlin is French... more »


‘Berliner Weisse’ with a Swiss element... more »


Scandinavian scandal: Edvard Munch in Berlin... more »


First stop refugee home: Wladimir Kaminer... more »


‘Balkan speed brass’ breakthrough in Berlin: Fanfara Kalashnikov... more »


Migration to the GDR: Arrival at the ‘Aufnahmeheim’ or dormitory... more »


Buried in their native earth: The Russian cemetery... more »


Three different paths: The Boateng brothers... more »


A Dutchman wins the first Nobel Prize for Berlin: Jacobus Henricus van’t Hoff... more »
(Bilder: Oana Popa)

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