775 Years of Berlin » Birthday Celebration
October 28th, 2012

Atmospheric showcasing of Berlin’s historic centre

© Cie Carabosse, Mila Kiev / 775 Jahre Berlin

Compagnie Carabosse „Installation de Feu“

French fire poets “Carabosse” create glittering installations to transform sites with an impressive ambience of dream, amazement and enchantment. The world-renowned Compagnie has planned this sophisticated installation in central Berlin exclusively for the city’s birthday. As twilight falls, the artists will illuminate the space between the Marienkirche, the Neptune fountain and Spandauer Strasse up to the Nikolaikirche. Countless flames, burning charcoal and mechanical objects will animate areas that will have been marked out over the preceding eight weeks as “City in the Middle Ages”. Guided by the rhythms of musicians, visitors will be able to move freely without a prescribed direction through the installation.

Compagnie Carabosse

The flames’ natural glow will create an unusual, atmospheric ambience. Fire-spitting sculptures, blazing garlands and a vast number of burning clay pots will conjure up lines from points, flaming sculptures from iron constructions and burning liquid from water. Around 800 fire pots will light up the contours of medieval Berlin.

Many other objects will also be involved, including “Chupas” (globes full of burning charcoal), “Tuyaux de Feu“ (metallic, red-glowing pipes bearing inscriptions from various different cultures) and “Réverbères de Feu” (fire lanterns). “Edmond” is a huge mechanical flower whose leaves constantly open and close while spraying out pulverised water. The impressive machine constructions of “Les Torchères” produce huge jets of flame and will be put into play by the artists to great effect. The public will be free to stroll among all these objects. Swings and “chaises chauffantes” (heated chairs) will also invite them to linger and warm up.

Titanick - "Musician and Water"

Street theatre with Titanick

In the same space, street theatre group Titanick will create a world full of wonders, oddities and surprises. Inspired by medieval visions of afterlife like those reflected in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch or Dante’s descriptions in the “Divine Comedy”, the Titanick theatre collective stages individual situations and scenes that blaze up and extinguish again, waiting only to be discovered by the observer.

Titanick - "A Fool and his world"

Theater Titanick draws on century-old traditions of European popular theatre, linking them with modern forms of expression. These produce whole worlds of images that can be understood by all cultures and enchant people all over the world. Theater Titanick was founded in 1990 by artists from Munster and Leipzig and the group subsequently expanded to become an international ensemble. Their fantastical performances have won many prizes. This year Germany’s biggest open-air theatre has been nominated by the Fonds darstellende Künste (Performing Arts Fund) for the George Tabori Prize 2012.

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