775 Years of Berlin: Review

In this clip you find the big review of the festivities and exhibitions around Berlin's birthday celebrations.

Further information on the anniversary and the history of Berlin can be found on these pages.

Berlin turns 775

The 775th anniversary of Berlin traces back to the first documented mention of Berlin’s twin city Cölln on 28 October, 1237. A parchment with seven seals attests to an act of law between the Bishop and the Ascanian Margraves of Brandenburg. Berlin’s actual beginnings lie assuredly in medieval darkness. After the spectacular excavations of recent years, the question of Berlin’s actual age presents itself. What is sure is that the historical origin of Berlin took place in the thirteenth century – from the first settlement presumably already before 1200 to the order of the Margraves in 1307 to unify the Berlin-Cölln double settlement and fortify a city wall.

The German capital today is considered modern and excitingly unique yet simultaneously historically intriguing. Thus, locals and visitors alike associate the city above all with the newer, omnipresent German history. On the anniversary, we reflect consciously on the roots of the city. We bring medieval Berlin to life and envision the only seemingly distant founding times of a young city.

At the same time, we place the inhabitants at the center. Berlin is turbulent and hectic and will stay that way. People from all over the world shape the city and have made it a metropolis known on all continents through its eight centuries. That is what we want to celebrate, and in the center of all festivities stands the anniversary on the 28th of October, 2012!
Carabosse Nikolaiviertel

Birthday Celebration

October 28th, 2012
The events from October 28th, 2012 to the closing of the celebrations culminate in an extraordinary staging of the historical city center of Berlin. more »
Urkunde mit der Ersterwähnung von Cölln im Jahr 1237

Traces of the Middle Ages

25.08. – 28.10.2012
Eight chosen places that signify medieval Berlin form the basis for the narratives and exhibitions. more »
Stadt der Vielfalt - Schlossplatz

City of Diversity

25.08. – 28.10.2012
Berlin is vivid and cosmopolitan. The growth and dynamism of the city has relied on the pulse of immigration for centuries. more »
(Bilder: Kulturprojekte Berlin; Domstiftsarchiv Brandenburg / 775 Jahre Berlin; Oana Popa)

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