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Kurt Gerron (1897–1944)

Berliner Kurt Gerron was the darling of the German public, whether in theatre (Threepenny Opera, 1928), film (The Blue Angel, 1930), as a singer, a director or in cabaret. In 1933, he fled halfway across Europe to Amsterdam. Arrested there in 1941, he was sent to the Gestapo-run concentration camp in Theresienstadt, where he was forced to make a propaganda film about the ‘exemplary’ living conditions at the camp. Gerron, together with most of the other ‘performers’, was deported to Auschwitz in 1944 and murdered.

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Roy Kift, Camp Comedy. A play featuring original cabaret songs from Gerron's Karussell cabaret, and dealing with Gerron's moral dilemma in making the propaganda film for Goebbels, in: Robert Skloot (Hg.),The theatre of the Holocaust. Volume 2: Six plays, Madison 1999.

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