Final Sale – The Destruction of Jewish Owned Businesses in Nazi Berlin 1930–1945

by Christoph Kreutzmüller

© Metropol Verlag

At the beginning of the 1930s the German capital was home to approximately 50,000 Jewish businesses – roughly half of all Jewish enterprises in Germany. For this reason alone Berlin became the epicentre of the 1933 ‘boycott’ and a maelstrom of anti-Semitic violence. But the city’s role as a commercial and industrial metropolis equally made it a unique space for the assertion of Jewish identity. With the help of various aid organizations, networks and loyal customers, Jewish enterprises in Berlin continued to trade far longer than elsewhere in Germany. The November Pogrom marked a culmination in a campaign of administrative persecution and physical violence, the analysis of which offers new insights into the everyday nature of persecution and economic and social co-existence in Berlin during this period.

ISBN: 978-3-86331-080-6 | 428 pages | € 24.00

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  • Organizer: Metropol Verlag / Christoph Kreutzmüller
  • Type: Publication
  • Date: published in November 2012