Diversity Destroyed | Urban Memorials – An Open-air Exhibition

Gateway to the 2013 Theme Year – DIVERSITY DESTROYED.

The 2013 Theme Year is a citywide experience: urban memorials located at sites across the sprawling metropolis of Berlin form a pop-up commemorative trail spanning the entire city.

Located at historical sites on the streets, walkways and squares of Berlin, these information pillars are the gateway to the 2013 Theme Year – DIVERSITY DESTROYED.

Large format portraits and biographies adorn many of these pillars, commemorating the lives of over 200 individuals who stamped their mark on the diverse society of early-1930s Berlin.

Urban Memorials at historical sites provide background information on the history of Berlin between 1933 and 1945.

Other columns highlight the over 50 exhibition projects created by partner organizations of the 2013 Theme Year.

This open-air exhibition is an exciting journey of discovery that invites you to explore the Theme Year through Berlin’s museums, exhibitions, readings, apps and much more.

Imprint: Projektleitung - Wolf Kühnelt/ wissenschaftliche Konzeption - Bjoern Weigel/ Mitarbeit - Monika Schmidt, Christian Mentel